Dawn, I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful and more importantly delicious cake you created for our wedding. We got tons of compliments and my husband and I just loved the Autumn Spice. I really enjoyed working with you throughout this whole process and would definitely recommend you to anyone. Thank you for creating a simple but elegant design and being so friendly, helpful and easy to work with.

–Becky Whitman Renze.

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We pride ourselves in the excellent quality of our cakes but also the sophistication of our designs. Our cake designs are customized with acute attention to detail and perfection. We specialize in designs that meet the intricate needs of our customers, right down to the icing on the cake. All cakes are made and finished by owner/designer Dawn Verwold.

Our cakes are unique in that we offer torted cakes enhanced to perfection. Our cakes begin by using the finest cake flour available allowing cakes to rise the highest. We then use an exclusive blend of dutch cocoa and extra dark black cocoa yielding a rich pure taste in every bite of our chocolate cake. We then blend many ingredients together with our premium Belgian Chocolate. Cakes are then brushed with fine liqueurs prior to icing to maximize their flavor. All recipes have been tested and formulated to deliver the ultimate tasting experience.